Question: What do you think will be this year’s most popular Halloween costume?


(from left to right)

“Michael Jackson, King of Pop! Lots of tight leather jackets and tight leather jeans.”
Nik Cvetich
Second-year, College Eight

“‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ for sure. Because there’s all this hype for the movie and I’ve already seen like five people in the Max costume [at the Treasure Island Music Festival].”
Maggie Roberts
Third-year, College Nine

“I work at a clothing store downtown. A lot of girls are going to be Lady Gaga. She’s a big pop star and it’s simultaneously sexy. Lots of girls are also going for the sailor costume.”
Paige Bellante
Third-year, Kresge

“Vampires. Too many people are obsessed with vampires because of “True Blood” and “Twilight.” It would be easy, too, all you have to get is little fangs.”
Nestor Rivera
Third-year, Kresge
Legal Studies & Psychology

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Compiled by Rachel Matsuoka and Nita-Rose Evans.