“ ‘ey, ladee, let me tell you sumink ‘bout this city; this city, they call it the Sad City. S.A.D.  You know why they call it the Sad city?  Cos it’s full of Sex, Alcohol and Drugs – Ye see?!  So where d’ya wanna go, where you going too ladee?”

From the minute I hailed down this particularly bright yellow cab in San Francisco, I knew the weekend ahead would leave me satiated.  Supplied with it’s renowned undulating streets, incessant visual delights and the opportunity to walk into any number of bookstores and witness a poetry reciting would definitely leave a novice to this city satisfied.  San Francisco is one big visual orgasm for the fervent photographer, and encountering it for the first time was climactic.

I have selected a variety of photos documenting my journey from Santa Cruz to San Francisco.  There is combination of portraiture, still life and architectural photography all approached in an innovative and artistic manner and were shot with a Canon E05 400D SLR.