Question: If you were on City Council, what issues would you advocate for?


(from left to right)

“I would push public health…. as well as try and reform the current party ordinance.”
Moses Norton
Fourth-year, Cowell
Environmental Science and Biology

“Walking home, none of the lights on my street were on and I hate walking down dark streets so I would add more street lights and fix the broken ones. It doesn’t feel safe without them.”
Sofia Klar
Fourth-year, Stevenson

“I would want to bring together Santa Cruz residents of all different backgrounds and try to get them to communicate with each other more. With more communication they could better compromise on their issues.”
Nickolas Linardos
Fourth-year, Merrill
Health Science and Economics

“I would work to change the level of violence and get more community involvement going and possibly increase the police activity downtown.”
Patrick Conard
Fourth-year, College Ten

Compiled by Isaac Miller.