Question: What particular issue have you come to the UC Regents’ meeting to address?


(from left to right)

“The student fee increase was raised last time [in November], and I wanted to see their attitude toward students and to see if they were going to join us in Sacramento. It was uplifting to hear them speak.”
Malerie Michael
Third-year, UC Irvine
Political Science

“There is a concept of merging the registration fee and the education fee and calling it tuition. … That would create problems with transparency and accountability. It would ultimately go against the Master Plan, which states that there should be no tuition.”
Calvin Sung
Third-year, UC Irvine
Chair on the Council of Student Fees

“The governor released his budget, and I wanted to look at the reactions of the regents and see if there is opportunity for collaboration with UCSA.”
Raymond Austin
UCSC alumnus, class of 2007
University Affairs & Council on Student Fees Director

City on a Hill Press went to UC San Francisco to report on the most recent regents meeting and student morale. Although we intended to gather the opinions of students from across the UC, turnout was low. This space holder is meant for those absent comments. Please fill this void with your opinions about campus issues most concerning to you.

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Compiled by Sarah Naugle & Arianna Puopolo.