Question: Would you be willing to pay more money in order to have cage-free eggs in dining halls?


(from left to right)

“Yeah, because it is a small difference payment-wise, but it makes a big difference to something else.”
Becca Byrnes
Fifth-year, Crown
Environmental Studies and Economics

“I guess I don’t really care either way. I’m not the best example of an activist.”
Andrew Komar
Second-year, Crown
Electrical Engineering

“Sure. I don’t really know what the animals go through now, and probably won’t know what they will go through later. I hope that paying more would go to the cause.”
Joey Crosetti
First-year, Cowell

“I think that for people who are passionate, it should be an option — but because the institution charges a lot for many fees and the money may not go where they say, I would be skeptical to pay extra.”
Lyli Camargo
Fourth-year, Kresge
Legal Studies

Compiled by Sarah Naugle & Morgan Grana.