Question: Would you pose nude for an art class? Why or why not?


(from left to right)

“No way. I would not be comfortable with being nude.”
Jeffrey Ramirez
First-year, Stevenson
Health Sciences

“I have for a small group in community college. I am completely open and think that people should be comfortable with their bodies.”
Desiree Goehner
Fourth-year, Kresge
Environmental Studies

“No. I’m kind of conservative. I would get nervous in front of people — besides, you have to stand still for so long, I don’t think I would be a model even with the clothes on.”
Jenn McBeth
Second-year, College Ten
Community Studies

“Hell yeah dude! I have nothing to hide.”
Toby Fan
First-year, Cowell

Compiled by Dana Burd & Kathryn Power.