Question: What Winter Olympic sport would you invent, and how would you describe it?


(from left to right)

“Snowball fights. Think dodgeball, but with snowballs.”
Arlene Park
Third-year, College Ten
Sociology and History

“Eskimo surfing. You surf on an Eskimo in full Eskimo attire: sealskin boots and polar bear pants.”
Kerry Keith
Second-year, Merrill
Literature and Legal Studies

“Penguin bowling. Kind of self-explanatory: think sliding a penguin down a bobsled track.”
Jordan Shopper
Second-year, Oakes

“Roof jumping. You jump off of icy roofs onto trampolines … with skis on.”
Mollie Murphy
Third-year, Crown
Global Information Social Enterprise

Compiled by Alejandro Trejo & Morgan Grana.