Question: Will you be going to Sacramento on March 1 or 4? Why or why not?


(from left to right)

“I’m going to be taking my midterm and I’m worried about getting on campus to take my midterm.”
Kate Mower
Third-year, Cowell
Health Sciences

“I’m not. I’ve never heard about it, not at all.”
Dylan Lench
First-year, College Ten

“I’m considering going to Sac, but I have to check my planner because I’m a busy guy. I’m going to do what I can. Any opportunity that is available to me, I will take.”
Sean Gereghty
Second-year, Oakes

“I’m definitely participating on the fourth — yeah, fo’sho. I’m not going to my classes. My friend is way more active, so I’m going to call her and tag along.”
Kate Harrison
Fourth-year, College Eight
Environmental Studies and Biology

Compiled by Sarah Naugle & Rosario Serna.