Question: Were you able to successfully enroll in your classes for spring quarter?


(from left to right)

“Yeah. I only have one more class to take, so I had no problem enrolling. It’s an independent study.”
Phil Carter
Fourth-year, Oakes
Community Studies

“No, I wasn’t able to. I think it filled up after the first day. And now I’m looking for a third class. I’m probably going to have to take a random class — and all my GEs are filled, so it’s kind of a waste of time.”
Vanessa Trafis
Third-year, College Nine
Environmental Studies & Business Management Economics

“I had some holds on my account, so I had to take care of that first. But I was able to enroll in the end. It took some effort though.”
Sami Abed
Third-year, College Ten
American Studies

“Yeah, I’m a marine biology major. I’m taking chem and bio, so I got into my classes pretty easily.”
Nathan Schaffer
First-year, Stevenson
Marine Biology

Compiled by Mitchell Quesada & Devika Agarwal