Question: What did you think of the campus shut-down?


(from left to right)

“It was inconvenient, but if you look at the main cause, overall it was worth it.”
Pierre Vu
Third-year, Crown

“I see the reasons that these protests need to happen, but it frustrates me when I can’t go to classes I’m paying for.”
Caitlin Frazer
Fourth-year, College Eight
Business Management Economics

“Shutting down the campus for one day probably won’t do as much as I would hope, but protesting is a long processs. It’s better to do something than nothing.”
Jeff Morton
Fourth-year, Stevenson

“I was proud of what the student population did. I thought it was pretty effective.”
Citlali Herguera-Acosta
Second-year, Kresge
Ecology and Evolution

Compiled by Elizabeth Englund & Isaac Miller