Question: How are narrative evaluations valuable for your transcripts?


(from left to right)

“I think it’s a good way to get insight on your performance and it’s pretty helpful at a small university. It’s an easy way to get more academic feedback.”
Jonathan Castillo
Third-year, College Eight
History and Politics

“I like evals and it’s good to get more information about your performance beyond a letter grade. Without evals UCSC would be like any other university.”
Rebecca Crebbin-Coates
Third-year, Kresge
Environmental Studies and Biology

“I like evals because it feels like your professors and TAs have to take notice of you to do them properly. More attention can really help a student improve.”
Rachel Forman
Third-year, Stevenson
Film and Digital Media

“They provide good feedback but I think they should be more used in classes with 50 people or less. They’d seem more accurate in situations with smaller class sizes.”
Robert Sadler
Third-year, Kresge

Compiled by Veronica Glover & Kathryn Power.