Question: How do you feel about the campus’ decision to make April Fool’s pranks punishable by fine?*
*April Fools!


(from left to right)

“Generally that seems silly. It’s a pointless waste of administrator’s time. If there’s any budget money going to this I’ll be really upset.”
Lindy Lavender
Third-year, Kresge

“As long as it doesn’t involve property damage or harm people and cause emotional damage [it shouldn’t be fined]. It’s a thin line.”
Rich Sportsman
Third-year, College Ten

“Whoever proposes that is asking to get their toilet bowl saran-wrapped.”
Andy Moskowitz
Fourth-year, Cowell
Environmental Studies

“It depends on the severity of the prank. Some of them are over the top and some of them are all in good fun.”
Justin Kennedy
Second-year, Crown

Compiled by Elsbeth Riley & Morgan Grana.