Question: Street performers in Santa Cruz have received $445 citations for making “unreasonably loud noises.” What’s your take on this?


(from left to right)

“We’re in Santa Cruz. You’d think we’d be a little bit more progressive. I think it’s stupid.”
Hector Medina
First-year, Stevenson College
Computer Engineering

“That’s kind of absurd. It’s a public place and as long as they’re not harming anyone they should be allowed to do it. Freedom of speech!”
Joanna Partida
Second-year, College Eight

“They shouldn’t have been cited because we have freedom of speech, and Pacific Avenue is a common place for people to sing freely.”
Brittani Ciupek
Second-year, Stevenson
Business Management Economics

“I think they’re protected by First Amendment rights. I get the unsettling sense that store owners want to drive away performers. They have every right to be there.”
Loren Downer
Third-year, Merrill
Politics Major

Compiled by Elsbeth Riley & Rosario Serna