Question: What is the most memorable piece of bathroom graffiti you have seen?


(from left to right)

“‘There once was a man from Manu, he fell asleep in a canoe, he dreamed of Venus, played with his penis, and woke up with a handful of goo.’”
Claire Mccracken
First-year, Kresge

“There was this one where a girl had put this question that said ‘When I have sex with my boyfriend, it hurts because his penis is too big,’ and people gave advice.”
Cassie Sepeda
Third-year, Merrill

“I saw one which said ‘identify the rapists of UC Santa Cruz’ and other girls had written names.”
Alice Hawkins
Fourth-year, Porter

“It said ‘insert deuce here’ on the toilet lid.”
Sami Abdel Halim
Second-year, College Nine

Compiled by Grant Crow & Nita-Rose Evans