{In response to: Adversity in the Arts (4/1/2010)*}

“I’m writing to address the context given for an article that went up following my interview for the 4/1 A Changing UC series. While I’m sure that the author was well intended, I feel that my interview was misused to cast negative light on management of budget cuts in theatre arts (a position I was not willing to express). Instead, I’d like to highlight that the transparency in the theatre department and the activities going on in the barn are an example of what to do right during budget cuts. The budget cuts are nothing new, but the positive community effort to maintain the integrity of our field of study while creating more opportunities in theatre despite the lessening of our resources is something inspiring. This is was what I was attempting to spotlight; I don’t believe that pointing fingers is is a productive means of addressing the issues at hand.


Kayt Ahberg

*This story has been removed from the City on a Hill Press website.