Question: Have you ever witnessed or experienced any acts of homophobia on campus?


(from left to right)

“No, I think UCSC is very diverse and open. Most of us are more accepting than at other UC campuses.”
Hang Ngo
Third-year, College Eight

“Yes, tons. People say ‘don’t be gay’ a lot, and hugging between males is looked down upon.”
Sos Oganessian
Fourth-year, Cowell
Physical Chemistry

“No, I’m at Porter and at Open Mic there was an obviously homosexual kid singing a country song and everybody loved it.”
Rebecca Brandon
First-year, Porter
Health Sciences

“No, everyone is much more tolerant of homosexual people in Santa Cruz.”
Jeff Matyas
First-year, College Eight

Compiled by Blair Stenvick & Devika Agarwal