Question: Would you be more inclined to give money to a homeless meter than to a homeless person?


(from left to right)

“Well, I think the change meters are good because you know where the change is going and I’d feel more comfortable giving my change to them [than to a person].”
Conor O’Brien
Second-year, Stevenson College
European History & Classical Studies

“The change meters, because you actually know that it’s going towards providing a shelter for the homeless instead of booze.”
Alex Kerr
Second-year, Cowell
Computer Engineering

“When you donate your change to the homeless guy, you see gratitude, and that makes me feel good. I’d probably give it to them directly instead of the meters.”
Gabriel Arden
Second-year, College Nine

“With the change meters, you know that the money will go to the people that need it. I feel some people are turned off by the prospect that panhandlers might go buy beer and stuff.”
Ricky Barosa
Second-year, Cowell
Health Sciences

Compiled by Asa Hess-Matsumoto & Kathryn Power