Question: Crunchwraps or blunt wraps?


(from left to right)

“Crunchwrap definitely. You can always go for the blunt wrap, but what are you going to do after? You can smoke weed with anything, but you need a Crunchwrap afterwards.”
Alex Whittlesey
Fourth-year, Porter
Sociology and Theater

“Neither, because Taco Bell is gnar-gnar and offensive, and blunt wraps because I don’t know how to use them.”
Sakura Kelley
Third-year, College Nine
Art and Community Studies

“Blunt wrap. It’ll cause cancer, but [the] Crunchwrap [will] before that because Taco Bell is evil.”
Nick Herrer
Third-year, College Ten

“Hmm … how about a Crunchwrap-flavored blunt wrap?”
Collin Field
Third-year, Cowell

Compiled by Grant Crow & Isaac Miller