Question: Have you noticed an increase in gang activity in Santa Cruz?


(from left to right)

“I hear about it in the news absolutely. One of our friends was working at a liquor store when a stabbing happened and the guy [who was stabbed] crawled to the front door.”
Phillip Rogers
Fourth-year, Oakes

“No, I haven’t noticed an increase in gang crimes, I’ve been too busy with schoolwork.”
Sean Tanoos
Graduate Student

“I’ve definitely heard about it more this year. I think it definitely has gone up.”
Jen Hyde
Fourth-year, Stevenson

“I mean it’s hard to say, it’s my second year. I haven’t had been here long enough to see if it has increased.”
Paul Martino
Second-year, Porter
Philosophy and Psychology

Compiled by Asa Hess-Matsumoto & Kathryn Power.