Question: What did you think of the Saturday night riot?

Jake SmithSangeeta NairNina MilikenEdgar Ontiveros

(from left to right)

“They are giving Santa Cruz a really bad image. I don’t really think they knew what they were protesting.”
Jake Smith
First-year, Kresge

“I was there for the dance party, I didn’t even know they would be breaking windows. A friend and I stood in front of a smashed window and you could hear the glass crackle. There were cops everywhere. It was scary.”
Sangeeta Nair
Second-year, Stevenson

“It was dumb, I don’t see how that could help anything. I think if they want to combat the idea that immigrants are criminals then they shouldn’t be doing illegal things in the street.”
Nina Milliken
Fourth-year, Kresge
Latin American and Latino Studies

“I think that breaking windows wasn’t necessarily bad, but they shouldn’t have targeted local mom and pop shops when there is a Gap and a Borders across the street.”
Edgar Ontiveros
Third-year, College Eight
Anthropology/Latin American and Latino Studies

Compiled by Ryan Mark-Griffin & Andrew Allio