Question: Tell us your rave name, and show us your ‘Thizz Face!’ If you don’t have a rave name, what would yours be and why?


(from left to right)

“Sparkle Dinosaur. Honestly, that just popped into my head. But that’s what my spirit would sound like.”
Marlee Fry
Second-year, Cowell

“Doodoo McDumbo, because it sounds like something Mac Dre would say.”
Alex Mallonee
Second-year, Porter
Film and Digital Media

“Party Don’t Stop. Because … I don’t want the party to stop?”
Jared Marchese
Third-year, Merrill
Environmental Studies

“Thumper, because my best friend’s rave name is Bambi, and I jump around a lot like a bunny.”
Stephanie Pengilley
Third-year, Merrill
Legal Studies

Compiled by Molly Kossoff & Morgan Grana