Question: If you were a fish, what the hell would you do?


(from left to right)

“I’d try to find Nemo.”
Enson Montezaire
Fourth-year, Kresge

“I would swim all over the world, make friends with other fishes, and tell the sharks not to be mean and become vegetarians.”
Alejandra Cabrera
Second-year, Merrill
Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology

“I would want to swim faster than any other predators. If I could swim fast, I could catch my own food.”
Charlie Morales
Third-year, Oakes
Electrical Engineering

“If I were in a fish tank, I would probably go crazy. If I were in the ocean, I’d be a free spirit.”
Daniel Hernandez
Third-year, College Ten
Electrical Engineering

Compiled by Melissa Janson & Rosario Serna