Question: Who would you nominate to serve as the next Supreme Court justice?

Conrad LingerfeltGrace Kistler-FairNatan TietzNestor Rivera

(from left to right)

“Conan O’Brien, ‘cause he has seen a lot of shit this year.”
Conrad Lingerfelt
Third-year, Cowell
Environmental Studies

“My mom. She was really good at giving me the ‘mom glare,’ so she’d be good at punishing bad people.”
Grace Kistler-Fair
Second-year, Merrill
Anthropology & HAVC

“Ghandi, definitely. He really believed in equality and justice.”
Natan Tietz
First-year, Porter
Music & Community Studies

“I would say Victoria Kolakowski, the first transgender judge in Califonia.”
Nestor Rivera
Third-year, Kresge
Legal Studies

Compiled by Melissa Janson & Rosario Serna