Question: Do you think 3-D movies are improving or degrading American cinema?


(from left to right)

“3-D movies are awesome. I think it’s an evolution in terms of technology, and I love 3-D movies. I only wish real life was a 3-D movie.”
Gilbert Van Der Feins
Third-year, Kresge
Literature and Film/Digital Media

“It depends on what aspect of the cinema. Visually, it is a huge improvement, and that’s really neat, but it seems like it’s over-emphasized at the expense of other parts of the movie.”
Allison Leonard
Third-year, Merrill
Health Sciences

“Definitely degrading! The focus isn’t on the substance anymore, just on the presentation. Everyone thought ‘Avatar’ was really great, but I almost felt insulted by it at times.”
Spencer Thomas
Third-year, College Nine
Biology and Environmental Studies

“There’s 3-D porn, man. It is definitely an improvement!”
Crash Bertacchi
Second-year, Crown
Neuroscience and Behavior

Compiled by Patrick Rooney & Nita-Rose Evans