Question: What do you wish happened in Vegas and stayed in Vegas?


(from left to right)

“I wish the seafood buffet happened, but I wish the crabs had stayed.”
Ian Chartrand
Fourth-year, College Ten
Modern Literature

“I wish I ran into my one of my TAs and got married to him really hammered. … But he wouldn’t remember, but I would.”
Stephanie Bastiaans
First-year, College Nine

“That movie ‘The Hangover.’ That was the worst movie I’ve ever seen.”
Daniel Brown
Fifth-Year, PH.D. Student

Well, I lost my shoe in Vegas at a club. I don’t know how I got home without it. So, I guess that stayed in Vegas.”

Jerimiah Jimeno
Fourth-Year, Merrill
Film and Digital Media & Sociology

Compiled by Jacob Pierce & Devika Agarwal