Question: Will you be attending the strike? Why or why not?

(from left to right)

“Yeah … It’s important for the student body to believe in the voice they have because it is in the best interest of the powers that be that we remain silent and obedient.”
Scott Hanshew
Fourth-year, Porter

“I won’t participate because I’m going to be busy enough with class and work, and I have section until 7 that day.”
Samantha Espinoza
Third-year, College Eight
Health Sciences

“Yes, because my first period teacher told me to.”
Virgil M. Kester
Fourth-year, College Nine
American Studies

“No, because I’m against people blocking the base of campus. Some people need to get up to their classes.”
Colin Fahy
Fourth-year, Porter
Computer Science

Compiled by Mikaela Todd & Rosanna Van Straten.