Question: How do you vote? How do you decide who to vote for?

(from left to right)

“I vote by mail-in ballot for Santa Clara County. I stay informed with debates, but still have a party basis when it comes to voting.”
Brett Labombarda
Third-year, Cowell

“I vote absentee ballot for the county of Santa Cruz. I usually research props from voter guides and vote Democrat for city positions.”
Chase Cooper
Fund for Public Interest
Organization Worker

“I vote by mail-in ballot. I try to listen to speeches and debates before voting. Also, I decide for myself who to vote for.”
Niante Johnson
Fourth-year, Oakes

“I’m a first-time voter and plan to vote by absentee ballot for my home county. I look at how my party, the Green Party, is voting and I try to look at both sides of the issues before casting my vote.”
Sasha Schlesinger
Second-year, Porter
Physical Anthropology