Question: What song is stuck in your head right now, and why is it so sticky?

(from left to right)

“Anything by Katy Perry. It’s sticky for obvious reasons. ‘Teenage Dream’ is my jam.”
Jasper Hitchen
Third-year, Cowell

“‘Paper Thin Walls’ by Modest Mouse. It’s the combination of the excellent guitar and voices charged with emotion.”
Matt Boitano
Third-year, Stevenson

“‘Time of Your Life,’ from [the movie] ‘Dirty Dancing.’ The Black Eyed Peas recently made a remix of it, and when I was running, it was in my head.”
Karen Marks
First-year, College Nine

“‘Dangerous’ by Akon. It’s sticky because it’s repetitive, so I can remember the lyrics and his voice is very distinctive and strange to me.”
Janise Zayas
Fourth-year, College Ten