Question: What does the large population of homeless veterans mean about our society?

(from left to right)

“It says something about poverty in general. It’s one more example that the government isn’t doing enough and doesn’t give a shit about people who don’t have the means or know-how to conform with the system.”
Aaron Kingon
Fourth-year, Kresge

“They kind of ignore them, rather than looking at them. I know I do. It’s kind of like the way people were before the civil rights movement. They would discriminate against black people by not even looking at them. You just look through them, and that’s kind of what I see with the homeless people.”
Nick Rosas
Fourth-year, Oakes

“Some veteran was saying that there needs to be a change to happen in our society, especially for how we take care of our veterans. They gave their lives or are giving their lives to help us. In return, we’re kind of giving them the shaft, and not really helping them out as much as we should be. The idea that there are homeless veterans is kind of a sad thing considering what they put themselves through.”
Sugeera Eckley
Third-year, Cowell

“We, as a society, support the war efforts but are not ready to pay the full cost.”
Clare Riesman
Fourth-year, Merrill
Environmental studies