Question: At what point is education not worth the cost?


(from left to right)

“I’d never take out loans … If I didn’t have the money and family support I have now, I wouldn’t go [to university], because I wouldn’t want to be in debt.”
Kelly Chiaroni
Fourth-year, Merrill

“It depends on how you value education. Some people think you can get the same amount of education for cheaper at a Cal State.”
Britny Montano
Third-year, Kresge

“Fuckin’ now. I have so much anxiety. There are six spots left in a class I absolutely need. The cost started not being worth it about two years ago.”
Gabriela Raders
Fourth-year, Kresge

“When [the education] doesn’t pay off later in life. It gets to a point when we pay exorbitant fees for education that isn’t that great. Is it about getting a high-paying job or about getting knowledge?”
Nick Vollono
Third-year, Porter
Literature & Philosophy