Question: Would you be interested in dating a 5’11” male, half-Asian CHP staffer who likes long walks on the beach?

[Kevin... and Prescott][Alexa... and Prescott][Josh... and Prescott][Tanya... and Ryan]

(from left to right)

“If he will pay for my food, I don’t see why not.”
Kevin Nguyen
First-year, College Nine

“No, I have a boyfriend. But maybe in the future…”
Alexa Doty
Third-year, Kresge
Feminist studies

“I would if I went on dates with gentlemen.”
Josh Van Geem
Fourth-year, College Nine
MCD Biology

“No, because I have never been into Asians. I prefer shorter, darker-skinned males … But the walks on the beach would be nice.”
Tanya Paraon
Third-year, College Nine