My family and I decided to do something special for this week’s food blog. We took mom’s old recipe for chocolate peanut butter candy and snapped photos of the step-by-step process it took to make them, so now everyone can cook this fantastic candy for themselves, for friends and for family during the holidays.

It’s no surprise it’s one of my favorite things to eat — and make. Graham cracker crumbs and sticky peanut butter rolled together and covered in milky chocolate prepared to be exactly one-bite sized — what could be better?

This recipe is exceptionally easy to follow. It seems the candy was made for college students, as all the ingredients are cheap and easy to find, and it takes hardly more than an hour to conjure your very own sweets with nothing more than your bare hands. (We did have a little help from a food processor, but you can survive perfectly well without one.)

Forget nutrition. Everyone knows that flew out the window on Thanksgiving and won’t reappear until everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions tomorrow. These chocolate peanut butter candies were invented for holiday indulgence, so enjoy!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Next week maybe we’ll be a little healthier…



2 sticks of butter

1 box of graham crackers, finely crumbled

1 box of powdered sugar

1 18 oz. jar of peanut butter

2 bags chocolate candy melts

(ingredients pictured are doubled)


Mix butter and graham crackers into a paste. Add sugar and peanut butter. When thoroughly mixed, roll into quarter-sized balls. Heat chocolate, and dip to coat.