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01 Jun 2023

Q&A with Callin Curry
by Ben Gevercer

Callin Curry wants to bring students into the campus’ decision-making process.

“I want to have a unifying voice in relating information to students,” said Curry, who is running for internal vice chair.

The internal vice chair’s job is to raise awareness of campus-wide issues and facilitate SUA outreach to students.

Curry, a second-year politics and literature double major from Stevenson College, is currently the chair of the Stevenson Student Council and a Student Committee on Committees (SCOC) representative.

In order to involve students in campus affairs, Curry wants to include more students in the SCOC, which is led by the internal vice chair. The SCOC currently places students on 64 campus-wide committees that work with the UCSC administration and the Academic Senate.

“Students should be on these committees,” Curry said. “I want to bring more legitimacy to the SCOC.”

Curry also wants the SUA to build connections with student-run organizations.

“My difference from previous internal vice chairs is not in principles, but in style and approach,” he said. “I want to have outreach to SOAR organizations and student media that have not been tapped into yet [by SUA].”

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