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01 Jun 2023

Q&A with Natan Tietz
by Sarah Naugle

Natan Tietz, an upbeat first-year, hopes to be elected to the position of internal vice chair.

Tietz said if elected he will carry out three main goals — continuing the student movement, protecting the student voice and empowering students.

After interning for the position he is currently running for, Tietz said he gained a clear understanding of the internal vice chair’s tasks and obligations.

A music and community studies double major from Porter College, Tietz is the youngest candidate. But he said his first-year status is not a deterrent or hindrance in his experience and abilities.

“Although in years I have not been here as long as the other candidates, I have immersed myself extensively in the time I have been here,” Tietz said. “I have a perspective that has given me the privilege to listen and learn from many communities around the world, which has challenged me to understand different perspectives and work cohesively.”

In accordance with his goals, Tietz wants to ensure that more student organizations have a voting seat.

He said: “I will fight real hard to make it so that every committee that has a Student Committee on Committees representative will have voting privilege and not just sit on the committee.”

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