Question: How would having a child affect your participation at UCSC?

(from left to right)

“I already have a lot on my plate, so it would add more pressure to my schoolwork. It would also be a positive thing, because you’re adding another member to your family. Having children is cool and fun when you’re ready for it.”
Feliz Quinones
Third-year, Oakes
Intensive psychology

“I don’t think I would be at UCSC. I think I’d take a leave of absence and go to a community college. I’d get a job and take night classes.”
Crystal Cajilog
Fourth-year, Oakes

“My life would revolve around my kid. I’d probably drop out and my world would revolve around it.”
Lloyd Alaban
Fourth-year, College Nine

“I guess it depends on how rowdy the kid is. If he’s a rowdy punk-ass, I’d have to drop out. But if he’s a good kid, I guess I could stay.”
Wyatt Floerke
Third-year, Cowell
Ecology & evolutionary biology