Question: Who is the hottest professor or TA you’ve had?

(from left to right)

“My dreamy-eyed astronomy professor last year. His name was Ryan and he taught Overview of the Universe. I went to every class.  He was tall, dark, handsome and sustainable. He didn’t dress to impress … but he impressed me.”
Anneliese Harlander
Second-year, Stevenson

“Richard Mitchell. He has a way with words so you can’t stop looking at him. And he uses nice chalk. The way he erotically rubs it on the board just radiates energy.”
Justin Skootsky & Gabe Matson
Third-years, Cowell
Math/economics & environmental studies/math

“Kate Dallas, my oceanography TA. She was charismatic, tall, blond and had classic American looks.”
Ben Middlemiss
Third-year, College Eight
Environmental studies

“For AMS 11A, my TA was hot because he was this surfer guy who didn’t wear shoes to class.”
Lexi Rubin
Second-year, Cowell
Environmental studies