Question: Do corporations’ political affiliations affect your decision to do business with them?

(from left to right)

“It would totally affect my business relations. I don’t generally trust any large corporations, because I don’t know how they got [their success] and who they had to screw over in the process. I usually shop at second-hand stores.”
Inessa Arutunyan
Third-year, Kresge

“I don’t delve too deeply into where I shop. The real question is would I be aware of [a company’s political affiliation]. Companies don’t really publicize their political activities.”
Conor McClure
Third-year, Porter

“If I didn’t know about it, then it wouldn’t. Only if they had people carrying signs outside, then I wouldn’t go inside.”
Lolita Lam
Second-year, Cowell

“You know, I don’t do a lot of business with companies, but yes, I suppose it would.”
Joey Feldman
Fourth-year, Stevenson
Environmental studies/economics