After a long drive I stepped out of the car, and could immediately feel the cold snow through my Vans. Winter in Yosemite National Park has plenty of snow to offer, and overall it is difficult to take in the whole park at once. As the morning fog quickly disappeared, I began my day of traveling around the park in hopes of finally piecing together all the aspects of it. The beauty of this park led me to see and capture nature in a new way. During the two days I was in Yosemite I found myself constantly admiring all the trees, the waterfalls and the grand scheme of the larger landscapes. Towards the end of my trip, I walked off of a small path and found myself completely alone, and looking around, I felt small. I lost myself at Yosemite. There, I became lost in a natural splendor and also learned to take my time in capturing the small details in life and placing them into the larger picture.