Question: What do you think is the best method of protest? The worst?

(from left to right)

“The best form of protest is just calling policy makers. The worst is violence towards organizations.”
Sydney Weiser
First-Year, Cowell

“The worst would be a violent protest. I’m not sure if there is a good form of protest. As far as what I saw from last year, nothing really got done.”
Eli Wolfe
Second-Year, Stevenson

“Violence is always a good way to get bad attention. I think picketing and peaceful protesting where no one is getting hurt is probably the best way.”
Elizabeth Suarez
Second-year, Cowell
MCD biology

“Violence is definitely the worst way. The best way is to be peaceful. Just make sure people know what you want. Don’t force your beliefs on anyone.”
Roy Fuller
Third-year, Crown
MCD biology