Question: If you could ask UC president Mark Yudof anything, what would it be?

(from left to right)

“Is he getting more money from the state, or is he making the school more private so we’re less susceptible to budget cuts? I feel more nervous signing up for classes than I do taking a test. Signing up for classes shouldn’t be more stressful than taking a final.”
Rebecca Johnston
Third-year, College Nine

“Who are the other regents? Because it’s very secretive, and it should be out in the open. Why aren’t the regents democratically elected?”
Josh Solomon
Graduate student

“If he even considers the quality of education students are getting, and why the UC is turning into a business instead of a place of learning, which it is supposed to be.”
Linda Jia
Second-year, Stevenson

“Will raising tuition have a negative economic impact in the future? Because fewer students are being educated and there will therefore be less human capital.”
William Kong
First-year, Cowell
Electrical engineering & economics