Following the flash floods that hit Capitola this past week, businesses are working to organize and reopen their doors.

As rain storms assaulted the Santa Cruz County area this past Thursday, Capitola Avenue was flooded and many residents were left without power. Derek Johnson, community development director, said the floods were a result of a pipe break in Noble Gulch, and a 100-ft-by-100 ft pond developed. The storms lasted until Saturday, and Capitola was hit with flash floods throughout the weekend.

Johnson said the city of Capitola is currently working on a “multi-prong attack” to deal with the aftermath of the floods, and there is about $10 million worth of damage reported. Clean up will take tentatively several weeks, and it may take several months to return the area to as it was, Johnson said.

Phoebe Evans, owner of Phoebe’s on Capitola Ave in Capitola Village, said that she was “very lucky” her store did not suffer damage because it sits on slightly higher ground, but unfortunately the neighboring business was flooded. Evans explained the situation Saturday morning, and said she had “waded in and got wet to the knees” in order to check her store and assess damage.

“[Businesses are] just determined to get going,” Evans said. “It’s been a hard three years…[but] we’re troopers, we’re here.”