Question: Do you have trouble sleeping? How seriously do you take losing sleep? Why?

(from left to right)

“I only have trouble sleeping if I have something really important early the next morning, like an 8 a.m. final. Then I get anxious and can’t function.”
Lily Stoicheff
Fourth-year, Stevenson

“Yes, and I catch up on weekends by sleeping in until 1 [p.m.].”
Tony Albert
Fourth-year, Cowell
Environmental studies

“I take losing sleep very seriously because of school and my mental and spiritual health. I usually get enough sleep, though sometimes I have trouble telling myself to go to sleep because I’ll get into a creative burst.”
David Shugar
Second-year, Cowell

“I try to go to bed early, but as the night goes on it matters less and less. I will skip class if I need more sleep.”
Kellyann Kelso
First-year, Cowell
Film & digital media/literature