Question: If you had to distribute the budget cuts across UCSC, where would you cut from? Why?

(from left to right)

“We need more money is the problem. I don’t think there’s a huge chunk of weight, really, anywhere. The remodeling of the library and of Porter — I wish we hadn’t done that and paid for professors [instead].”
Rachel Fagundes
Fourth-year, Porter

“Parking enforcement. I’m sure they’re bringing in a lot of profit. If the money is going back to school, money made on campus should stay on campus.”
Sam Covington
Third-year, Crown
MCD biology

“That’s a hard one. I guess I would cut the people with the highest power, like the chancellor.”
Danielle Shank
Second-year, Cowell
MCD biology

“Social sciences, because they get enough money already, and they don’t usually need that many supplies. The supplies are usually easier to find, and they are something that the music department or the art department would need, maybe even the science department.”
Jarvin Bayona
Second-year, College Ten