Is advertising art? Well, if comedy is considered art, then this Skittles commercial proves that, yes, advertising is most definitely an art form.


This awkward yet genius commercial is an example of web-specific advertising, meaning that it’s specifically intended to blow up on sites like YouTube, go viral, and therefore be virtually free advertising for its product — in this case, Skittles.

As far as viral advertising goes, Skittles hit the nail on the head with this one. Putting the finger on the screen makes it interactive, which forces people to pay close attention. And the use of strange humor reigns supreme on the Internet, as does anything involving cats (see: LOL Cats

Below are some other classic examples of viral commercials. They often take advantage of the lack of strict policing on the Internet and the absurdity that people have come to expect, thanks to the meme-verse.

The Axe “Balls” Ad:

The Ikea Lamp Ad: