Question: Would you live in a housing co-operative? Why or why not?

(from left to right)

“I would consider living in a housing co-op because I’m in a quad on campus and it’s so unaffordable. I’d rather live in a co-op.”
Sindy Ramirez
First-year, Oakes
Health science

“Yes I would. I think it’s a really cool way to meet new people, live in a consistent social environment and learn to live with different personality types.”
Devon Fryer
Fourth-year, Porter
Computer engineering

“No, because it’s downtown and so far away [from campus]. And because our colleges already have themes. Also, a communal bathroom? That is not cool.”
Joanna Louie
Fifth-year, Oakes
Environmental studies/economics

“Yes, I would. I think it’s worth living as a community. I think you can accomplish greater things as a collective rather than individuals.”
Zachary Wolinsky
Fourth-year, Cowell