Question: Do you think that water desalination is a necessary step in coping with California’s potential water shortage? Why or why not?

(from left to right)

“I support it, but at what cost? It affects local surf spots, fisheries, all that good stuff.”
Chris Falbo
Third-year, College Eight
Legal studies

“It’s really hard to decide. I feel we should preserve water more, because we’re already doing a lot of things to stress the environment. People take advantage of our resources too much.”
Louise Hsu
First-year, College Eight

“Maybe we need more education on the water shortage problem in general.”
Laurel Bollinger
Third-year, Cowell

“I feel like it’s a viable option, and if we could find more eco-friendly ways to produce drinking water, I’d prefer that.”
Ashley Overhouse
Third-year, Kresge