Question: Should UCSC be more concerned about adding new majors or preserving the ones we have?

(from left to right)

“I feel that we should preserve the ones that we have because the ones that exist have more merit and they are recognized by graduate schools.”
Anh-quan Nguyen
Second-year, Crown

“It’s impossible to answer this question without being critical of the structure of the university itself, which is capitalistic. The reality is that under this structure, these decisions will benefit the administration rather than benefit the students’ intellectual needs.”
Cynthia Flores & Katrina Tosh
Second-years, College Nine & Merrill
Literature/politics & feminist studies

“Although I’m all for diversifying more fields of studies, I feel that we should preserve the ones that we have now so we can have enough funding for them.”
Dylan Victor
Second-year, College Eight
Environmental studies

“They should be more aware about adding more majors, but they should take into consideration the demands of the students.”
Chris Doohan
Third-year, Crown