Photo by Michael Mott

In this week’s Community Chest, City on a Hill Press sat down with Shelby Donaldson, a UCSC student who performed at this year’s Queer Fashion Show (QFS).


CHP: How was Queer Fashion Show? Good crowd?

Donaldson: It was really fun! I danced all three nights — Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I’ve been in shows before for dancing, and a lot of times the directors think they’re the shit and aren’t very personable to each person, but [in QFS] they were. They enjoyed putting it on, and that transfers to everyone else.

There were a lot of people there. We actually sold an extra 86 tickets. People really look forward to it. Everybody was super loud and they really liked everything. Lots of screaming, pretty sure I heard my name a few times, it was great.

CHP: Were you nervous? You guys do some pretty daring stuff up there.

Donaldson: Yeah I know, we have to strip onstage! I wasn’t nervous at all though, as a performer, just because everybody was so welcoming. We were all there to have fun, so it wasn’t like you’re going onstage [thinking], “Oh I have to be super good.” Everybody is super nice.


CHP: Can anybody participate? Was it empowering?

Donaldson: Anybody can participate. And I’d say it is empowering for everybody, just because the atmosphere is so loud and fun. I think people feel really comfortable there, whatever your color, race or sexual preference. I would think that if you’ve never been onstage, Queer Fashion Show would probably be the first place you should go to. You would definitely open yourself up there, of all shows, if you’re not comfortable onstage. And the girls in my jazz class who had never been onstage before really enjoyed it.


CHP: Would you recommend participating in Queer Fashion Show to others?

Donaldson: I would encourage anyone who is outgoing and has a sense of humor to get involved with QFS. Even if performing isn’t your thing, there are opportunities to help the directors or be a part of the light and tech team.