Question: How much do you care about Osama bin Laden’s death? Explain.

(from left to right)

“Being Middle Eastern, it means a lot to me. It doesn’t mean it’s the end of all terrorism, but it brings a lot of peace to the families who suffered from the impacts of 9/11.”
Shadi Arjmand
First-year, Oakes

“I think it’s great that the evil deeds he did are over, but I don’t rejoice his death. I also think people from our generation don’t really understand its significance, because we were so young.”
Juliane Peithman
Second-year, College Ten

“It’ll be interesting to see what happens between the U.S. and Pakistan. I’m upset at how his death has been paraded, but this will probably re-elect Obama, which I’m cool with.”
David Manske
Third-year, Stevenson

“I think to the victims it may have brought closure, but for the rest of the nation there’s a huge difference. Some disagree while others celebrate — the spectrum is huge.”
Nestor Rivera
Fourth-year, Kresge
Legal studies