Illustrations by Matt Boblet

It’s lustful, it’s sinful, it’s absolutely and atrociously … American. Bacon, cheese, chocolate, butter and doughnuts have seemingly been featured in more Internet photos than supermodel Gisele Bündchen at her finest. Food blogging has reached a new height in the past few years, thanks to the sharp rise in social networking, and has captured gluttonous appetites across the nation.

A quarter of all photos shared on social media sites are food-related, according to the research of digital agency 360i, but people are almost never in the pictures. Only 10 percent of hundreds of photos observed in a 360i focus group included human beings. In combination with the Internet photography frenzy, “foodtography” has made a mark on blogs to a point where numerous blogs dedicated purely to showcasing food have been created and have gained enormous popularity.

We proudly present: a guide to the food website movement that will either leave you ravenous or nauseous.

A guide to foods in your area

Similar to, this website allows people to search for yummy foods by location. On top of allowing you to look at delicious food photos, the website provides the location and restaurant, including the name of the dish. Flagging tools such as “nom it” and “want it” allow people to rate the dishes. This website is not only appealing to look at, but also efficient, as it allows a much more in-depth review of a restaurant by specifically rating individual dishes. The usual snarky pretentiousness found in restaurant reviews is thankfully nonexistent in this site, because the bloggers who upload their yummy findings aren’t doing it to show off their gastronomic intelligence or their fine taste buds. These folks simply love food and just want to share it with the world. Perfect for anyone with a specific craving, this website is a foolproof tool that allows people to go to a restaurant knowing exactly what they want before even looking at the menu.
An array of the most gluttonous foods imaginable

This blog was created by two people who decided to post photos of the most gluttonous, fattening, heart-stopping food creations imaginable. The blog has gained extreme popularity in the past few years ­— countless people have contributed to the site and posted their own grotesque cholesterol masterpieces for people of the world to feast their eyes on. The blog consists of such culinary monsters as a KFC pie, a pulled pork and mashed potato parfait, a Twinkie casserole encased in strawberry Jell-O, a bacon bouquet, a bourbon bacon pecan pie, a bacon mug brimming with cheddar cheese, fried cookie dough and literal butter-beer. The blog displays enough oil-dripping bacon dishes to make even Paula Deen shake her head in disapproval.
A gallery featuring artistic shots of delicious foods

This website is for serious, hardcore “foodies.” Anyone who uses this website is simply doing it to look at food. There are no instructions as to how to obtain these dishes, as most of the photos are snapshots of homemade foods. There are no recipes, no rating system, and certainly no directions on how to gain access to these heavenly bites. While it is frustrating to the hungry person who can do nothing but simply stare at these foods, there is a down-to-earth warmth about the collection of photos as it reminds you of flipping through your old photos of past birthdays, featuring half-eaten slices of your mom’s lavender honey Earl Grey tea cake with buttercream frosting. There is a connection that you feel when looking at these homemade dishes — you imagine a busy mom taking all day to create her daughter’s favorite German chocolate cake for her 10th birthday, or a proud husband spending all day slaving away to make his wife’s favorite soup for an anniversary. The pride and admiration of each dish jumps off the page and inspires the viewer to take the next big step of experimenting in the kitchen to create something just as unique.